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The Rematch

The just rising over ponyville when the letter was slid under the door of ponyville library, home of Princess Celestia's star pupil, Twilight Sparkle. The letter was in a plain, azure envelope, with a cursive script that read: "To My Most Hated Nemesis." About ten minutes later, the recipient of the letter came down the stairs, rubbing her eyes with a hoof and yawning.

"Spike? Spike where are you?" Twilight looked around the room, spotting a note left on a table and read it, sighing. "Great... Spike's off helping Rarity oso I have to tidy this place up by myself and- Hey, what's that?" She walked over slowly and levitated the letter up, turning it over and noticing it was sealed with dark blue wax, impressed in which was the image of a wand and cloak. Twilight gritted her teeth. She knew exactly who this was from. Someone who she hoped to never see again, and someone who wouldn't stop coming back... She broke the seal and lifted the letter out, starting to read.

"To the not-great and not-powerful Twilight. You may have gotten the best of me the last two times by cheating, but it's time to settle this once and for all! The great and powerful Trixie demands a rematch! You will meet me outside the town hall at midday, and I will finally show you who is the most powerful magician in all of Equestria!! Oh, and don't both calling on your pathetic friends. The great and powerful Trixie has dealt with them already. They won't come to your rescue this time."

Twilight lowered the note, her teeth gritted, steam coming out of her ears.

"TRIXIE! That's it! Enough is enough!" The purple unicorn flung open the door and raced out, dropping the note behind her as she dashed into the sunlight. Judging by the position of the sun, Twilight figured she had half and hour to get to the town hall, so immediatly started across the oddly empty town. There were a few ponies going about their normal duties, a couple waved to her as she passed, but the streets were definatly emptier than usual. When she arrived at the bridge leading to the townhall, she discovered why.

In the clearing outside the town hall, nearly every pony in Ponyville was assembled, shouting and cheering at something that Twilight couldn't see. She knew what it was, of course, as from the point that the croud was facing came the crackle of fireworks and a very familier voice amidst the applause.

"Yes, Ponyville, thank you, thank you. For Trixie's next trick, she'll make someone disappear! Someone who's been a pain in her flank for too long!" The crowd parted, whispering and murmuring, clearing the path straight from Twilight to the stage, where her azure nemesis stood. Trixie smirked down arrogantly.

"Mares and gentlecolts, prepare to witness Trixie's greatest triumph! An amazing feat that will be remembered for all time! For today, the great and powerful Trixie will-"

"WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS!?!" Twilight screamed at her, blasting a hole in the stage with a magical bolt. Trixie yelped and leapt to the left, recoiling from the blast and glaring.

"Twilight Sparkle wants to see her friends? Fine. The great and merciful Trixie shall reveal them!" She rears up, her cape blowing in the wind as fireworks went off, creating a thick cloud of smoke which obscured the town hall behind them. When it passed, five figures were dangling upside down from the balcony, bound securely in rope and gagged. All of them were struggling against the ropes, and the rainbow-maned one was shouting various muffled obceneties. Twilight's jaw dropped and Trixie grinned.

"As Twilight Sparkle can see, her friends are all unharmed. If she wants to get them back, all she needs to do is beat me in a magic duel. Whoever wins three rounds first, wins." She grins cruelly and looks to Twilight. "And when the great and powerful Trixie wins, all will see that she is the greatest magician in Equestria, and Twilight Splat-kle is nothing more than a bug to be squished beneath Trixie's magnificent hooves." She smiles and holds up one hoof, while the crowd gasped and chattered excitedly. Twilight glared, then nodded.

"Fine, Trixie. I've beaten you twice before, and this time will be no different." She walked to one side of the circle of ponies, while Trixie took up a position opposite her.

"Fine. In that case, Splatkle, let the duel begin!"

Instantly Twilight fired a powerful bolt of magic at Trixie, who deflected it with a magic shield before firing a few shots back. Twilight dodged them, hopping from one foot to another skillfully until they passed. She landed on all four feet, her horn glowing and her teeth gritted in concentration.

Trixie yelped as the ground around her began to rumble, the earth glowing with a purple aura before snapping up like a venus flytrap, holding her firmly except for her head, which stuck free. Twilight panted, holding the spell with a great degree of difficulty. "There! I win, Trixie. Let my friends go."

The azure unicorn just smiles at her rival, her confidence unphased even though she was held firmly in a trap. "Silly little Twilight, the round IS over, but Trixie is the one who has won." The unicorn's horn glows, and Twilight was suddenly engulfed in shadow. She looked up and whimpered, her spell faltering as a sixteen-ton, concrete statue of Trixie fell right on top of her with a loud SQUISH! Twilight's spell instantly faltered, dropping Trixie gently to the ground. She then walked over, looking up proudly at her giant stone likeness, then down at the purple tail that stuck out from under it's base, right beneath a discription that read: "The Great and Powerful Trixie, Squasher of Twilight Sparkle."

Trixie sniggered meanly, then grabbed Twilight's tail with her magic and pulled the perfectly flattened pony out from beneath the statue, holding her up for the crowd to see.

"Trixie thinks that round one goes to her." The crowd laughed along with her at the completely flattened mare, 2D from horn to hooves, her tongue sticking out and her eyes spinning dizzily. Her friends, watching from above, let out muffled shouts of anger and alarm, while Trixie simply paraded around the circle holding up the flattened Twilight. "And for my next trick..." Her horn glowed even brighter and Twilight squealed as she was stretched like a rubber band, before being fired right into the stone statue, slamming into it at high speed and splattering against it. The audience cheered and applauded while Trixie took her bows, Twilight peeling off the stone and fluttering to the ground, before slowly re-inflating.

Eventually Twilight staggered back up to her feet as Trixie was signing autographs, and panted heavily, stumbling closer.

"H-how! Y-you're not powerful enough to materialise objects! N-not even I could create something that big!" Trixie gives her a glance and rolls her eyes.

"That is because the great and powerful Trixie is better than you, and always has been. But it doesn't hurt to have this..." She lifts up her hat, revealing a golden headband. Twilight opens her mouth to speak, but Trixie cuts her off.

"Round two!!" Instantly Twilight was engulfed in a magic aura as Trixie picked her up with absolute ease, the purple pony panicking and struggling futilely. Trixie smirked, summoning up a large wringer, which whirred ominously, the rollers spinning as Trixie slowly lowered the struggling Twilight towards it tail-first. Trixie grinned to the crowd.

"Watch, mares and gentlecolts, as the great and powerful Trixie reduces this pathetic purple pony into a pathetic purple pancake..." Twilight squeals in fear as her tail was suddenly fed into the machine and began to be fed through, her plot being the first thing to be flattened after her tail, eliciting a long and drawn out squuuuuiiiiiiisssshhhhh... Twilight screeched and struggled as more and more of her body disappeared into the wringer and appeared on the other side, flat as a pancake and slowly folding up like a towel, until the last of her body was pulled through, silencing her. The purple unicorn was left flattened and folded up on the ground like laundry, while Trixie walks over and looks down at her.

"Tsk tsk, Twilight. Trixie wins again. I expected more of a fight then that. Oh well, onto round three." She instantly zaps Twilight with her horn, restoring her to normal. Before the dazed pony could react however, Trixie zapped her again, azure vines shooting up from the ground and wrapping around her ankles, then pulled her down, stretching Twilight out into a spread-eagle pose and holding her tight. She struggled and tried to counterspell the vines, but Trixie's magic was far too powerful. Meanwhile, the magician was walking away from Twilight to a spot on the other side of the circle of people, near her statue.

"As many of you may know, Trixie is rather distrustful of wheels. However, there is one type of wheel that Trixie quite likes!" She focused again, summoning up another powerful spell, then, with a large puff of smoke, she was suddenly sitting at the driver's seat of a massive, heavy steamroller, the roller itself being solid concrete with a metal rim. Twilight's face went pale as she saw the roller approaching, struggling desperatly and summoning her magic, trying as hard as she could to dispell the vines.

"T-trixie!! Wait! WAIT!!" She screams at her rival, but to no avail, as the roller passed over her with absolute ease, Trixie humming happily as she listens to the squishes, squelches and squashes coming from her rival beneath the heavy roller, flattening her thinner and thinner with every passing second, Twilight's body slowly sticking to the wheel. Trixie stopped after she had driven over her rival, then quickly switched to reverse and backed up again, going back and forth several times until she finally backed up completely, revealing her handiwork.

At this point, Twilight was flattened an inch deep into the ground, her body squished into a completely rectangular shape, her eyes looking in two different directions and her tongue sticking out, giving the impression that she'd been squashed silly. The crowd burst into laughter and applause, while Trixie smiled and took her bows, fireworks going off behind her.

"And that is three rounds! Trixie wins! And as of such, Trixie won't be releasing your friends, Twilight Flatkle." She hops off the rollar and wipes her feet on the flattened Twilight. "In fact, Trixie thinks that she'll squish them as well, while you watch!" She zaps Twilight back to normal, then turns to the five tied-up ponies.

Behind her, Twilight struggles to her feet, weakened, beaten, but brimming with a sea of anger.

"Don't. Touch. My. FRIENDS!!!" Summoning all her strength, she launched a powerful beam of purple light right at the pony. Trixie smirks, then turns, flinging off her hat and coat, and catching Twilight's energy right on her horn. She grins.

"And now, Twilight Flatkle, you've played right into Trixie's hooves." Twilight gasped, unable to stop her spell and suddenly feeling weak and dizzy. Trixie laughed evilly as slowly, Twilight began to reduce in size. However, at the same time, Trixie very rapidly began to grow, the crowd gasping in amazement as Twilight shrunk to a foot tall, and Trixie's size  rapidly increased to fifteen feet tall. The azure pony cackles as the spell ended and the tiny Twilight squeaked in fear, turning and running with Trixie chasing after her.

"Trixie told you, Splatkle, that when she beat you, she would show everyone that you were a bug to be squashed beneath her foot!" She blasts a bolt of magic at the ground underneath Twilight, tripping her, then before she could flee again, Trixie raised one massive hoof and slammed it down on top of Twilight, with a loud SPLAT! The azure mare laughed with malicious joy as she stomped again and again and again, flattening Twilight into a perfect disk with a tail, squished, squashed and splattered beneath her massive azure foot. She was not done yet though. Zapping Twilight back to normal one last time, she turned around and hovered the massive, azure expanse of her rump over her, swaying it tauntingly and raising her tail.

"You've always been a pain in Trixie's plot, Flatkle. Now it's time to become a pain BENEATH Trixie's plot!" Before Twilight could protest, Trixie slammed her huge, heavy rump right down on top of the tiny mare, Twilight's body creating a juicy squishing noise as it was flattened beneath the massive, plup butt. Trixie laughed maniacly, feeling Twilight's struggles and flattened Twitches beneath her as she ground her ass back and forth, bouncing heavily and occasionally slamming her ass down again, obliterating her rival in the most humiliating fashion and showing once and for all that Trixie had won.

It took almost half an hour for Trixie to finally be satisfied, and when she stood up, Twilight was flattened completely onto her plot, adhering to every curve and line and squashed into a completely stunned state. Her tongue stuck out cartoonishly, her eyes were unfocused, and her body almost looked like a second cutiemark on Trixie's butt. The azure mare summonned up a huge mirror in front of her ass and glaced back, smirking as she admired just how flat she had managed to make her pony rival. The crowd burst into cheers and applause, chanting Trixie's name, while Trixie shook her ass, the flattened Twilight slowly peeling off and fluttering down into the foot-deep double crater that Trixie's ass had made. Twilight's tail twitched weakly, but aside from that she lay completely still, dazed and stunned from her complete obliteration at the hands of her rival. The giant Trixie smirked and walked away, her ass swaying.

"I think I win, Flatkle. Come find me if you ever want a rematch. My butt could always use a comfortable cushion." She laughed evilly and walked away, leaving the flattened, humiliated and beaten Twilight in her wake. Today had been a good day for Trixie.

The End
It's been a while, but here we have a new story. Twilight vs Trixie in a duel to the humiliation. Who will win?

Trixie. Trixie will win.

I have a thing for Trixie squashing Twilight so... Enjoy!
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Sleeves1991 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
So glad to see you writing again! It's fantastic as always.
Roughsolider Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Reading your story gives me a silly fan fiction idea. Trixie is a mare, but the mane six are stallions. Trixie is embarrassed by Applejack, Rainbow Blitz, Elusive, and finally Dusk Shine. They out do her in her and Dusk Shine accidentally destroys her home. Trixie returns to give to revenge on Dusk in the same fashion. I think my story is a stupid idea, but think this way Trixie the good guy and Stallion Mane Six are cut down to size to show they are that good.
MarioandSpyro4ever Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student General Artist
For a sequel, I'd like to see a role reversal, revenge type thing. Just a personal preference since I like Twilight more, but it would be a good excuse to essentially do it again... maybe Twily can bring her friends along. :3
DragonArtist25 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome story man!! I totally missed your stuff :) I hope you end up writing more soon! It was awesome!

Especially love the steamroller and the butt squashing at the end.
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
LordofDarkA Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
A very good read, though was hoping for more pony squishy then just twilight, but was still really fun to read.

SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
Was considering bringing in the others, but I thought it'd be better to just stick to Twilight.
LordofDarkA Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
We know trixie probibly went on a squishing spree afterwards anyway ^^.
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
:P Very true.
Mrthatoneidiotguy Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
I was so happy to see you back! This story is one of your best, (I'm not a big fan of object-based squishing, but then you came back for me with that awesome ending) and I seriously hope you're planning on writing more. Your writing style is one of my favorites, it was a huge inspiration for me back when I started writing. You even inspired me to go and finish the story I was working on. Awesome work, man!
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