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Anger Management: Part 5, Ashes to Ashes, Mush to Mush

WARNING: This story is not my usual style, and contains gooey squashing instead of the usual flattening, plus a mild scorching. Also I wasn’t happy with the intro.

The door slid open and Elessa was gently but firmly pushed into the abandoned storeroom that was to be her makeshift prison cell. She tripped on the way in and landed on her butt on the cold stone floor, then glared up at the two guards.
“You’re to stay here until Ruby arrives and decides what to do with you.” One said, sympathy ringing out on every word. “Don’t try to escape, we’ll be waiting outside.”
With that they turned and marched out of the room, letting the door hiss shut behind them and leaving Elessa alone in the dimly lit storeroom.
She glanced around at her surroundings then sighed and settled in for the long wait ahead, she had a feeling that Ruby would not go easy on her. She had been surprised when the ‘Corporation’ had offered her a job as a technician at their top secret lab, seeing as nobody ever hired anthros these days, but had been even more surprised with the ease at which she had hacked into the computers and stolen some of the most advanced research the world had seen.
She was, as has already been established, an anthro. To be precise, she was a short, black-furred squirrel girl, skinny and attractive, as well as fit and smart. She was capable of holding her own in a fight, but also had a certain knack with computers. And was also a thief
She had sold the advanced technology she found to some of the large militant groups around the world, no matter who they were or what their aims were, for large amounts of money, but eventually the head scientist, Ruby, had caught on and now Elessa was here, in a weakly illuminated cell, awaiting Ruby’s judgment.
She had been stripped down to her simple red g-string and bra by the guards while looking for concealed weapons, although she had her theories about other motives, and now shivered in the cold.
She tried to calm her breathing and waited until her short black fur had stopped bristling, then started thinking laterally. She was good at what she did, and she had been in worse predicaments before, why was this any different?
She did a thorough check of the room, then grinned to herself as she found what she was looking for. An old, broken computer terminal stood in the corner, hidden behind a few box-laden shelves.
Now, was it blue wire to yellow? Or red to yellow?
Five minutes later she had the computer humming nicely and had managed to find a map of the facility, specifically a map of the ventilation shafts in the facility. A bit of chaos was all that was needed to distract the guards so she could slip out through the air vents and to freedom.
Before long she had her plan ready, she typed a simple code into the computer, overriding the locks on the animal cages, and almost instantly was rewarded with the sound of running feet and blaring sirens outside. She then quickly scaled one of the nearby shelves, opened a vent on the ceiling and climbed inside. She would be gone before they knew it.
She crawled through the twisting maze of vents with alacrity, perfectly memorizing every corner in case she needed to find her way back. She had planned the route before she had left, and was sure she had taken the right path, but was still feeling uneasy.
Before long her feelings were proved right.
She crawled through a vent that she was sure was the third last before the exit, when suddenly something tugged against her foot. She looked back, and her eyes widened in horror. Her foot had caught a small, almost invisible tripwire inside the vent. She quickly looked around for the trap, but it was too late.
An orange gas suddenly spouted up from the walls and floor of the vent around her. She coughed as it filled her lungs and burned lightly on her skin, then quickly evaporated.
She looked around, puzzled, then the floor opened beneath her.
In an amazing feat of fitness, Elessa managed to push herself away from the dropping floor and grab on to the edge of the vent with one paw, then desperately scrabbled with a handhold with the other.
She looked over her shoulder. The floor was nearly forty meters below her and made of hard, compacted soil. A drop from this height would surely kill her.
Just as she had the thought, something tickled her paw.
She looked up and into the face of a small and innocent looking chipmunk.
The chipmunk was angry. It had been enjoying its life in the cage. It had had all the food and water it had ever wanted and was free from a life of predators and prey. It was also too small to have been of any use in any experiments, but gained an un-chipmunk like intelligence from being too close to the many chemicals used on the other animals.
Then had come a sudden blaring of sirens and rushing of animals. Abruptly its peaceful world had been shattered. It had hid in the vents, then followed the creature creeping along inside them. It suddenly knew who was to blame
It looked menacingly down upon the black anthro squirrel hand.
And bit hard.
Elessa screamed as the teeth latched onto her finger, and automatically let go.
For a moment it felt like she was floating on the air, then abruptly she dropped like a stone, a sick feeling filling her stomach.
The ground quickly rushed up to meet her. There was a splat.

Elessa opened her eyes, which was a miracle unto itself.
Her mind felt all over the place and she had a weird sensation of not being able to feel her body, but still registering the aches and pains. She tried to move, but her body was completely unresponsive, her limbs feeling heavy as lead.
Her eyes cleared a bit and she gasped as she caught her reflection on the mirrored roof.
Her mind felt all over the place because it was all over the place. When she had hit the ground, her body had splashed.
Elessa’s body now covered a space of about three meters square, and had been reduced by the fall into a large black puddle, two eyes blinking in the middle, and a red g-string and bra mixed in with her poor pulped form.
She didn’t bother with thoughts like, ‘how is this possible’ because she had seen some of Ruby’s experiments before. Instead she focused on reforming her shapeless body, focusing hard on trying to solidify now liquid limbs.
Two minutes later her body reformed the last toes and she stood in the middle of the large test chamber, her head still feeling extremely unfocused and disorientated from the impact.
A grating sound from the far end of the chamber made her freeze. She had heard that sound before, but always from outside the chamber. A test door was opening, something was entering the chamber. She turned slowly towards the door, then her eyes widened and she gawked at the magnificent creature that stood framed by the door.
At first all she noticed was the size, the creature barely managed to fit through the door, and only just achieved this by folding its monstrous bat-like wings. It was easily fifteen meters high and twenty meters long, and must have weighed at least fifty tons. The next thing that drew her eye was the creatures form. The whole creature was a grayish-blue color, with a pure white underbelly. It held its massive body up on four massive, muscled legs, at the end of which were large paws with four talons, each foot easily twice as large as Elessa.
The creature was quite long, its body tapering from its thickest point, its stomach, to a long pointed tail, and had a line of spikes all the way from the base of its neck to the tip of its tail, running along its back.
It had a longish neck leading up to a large reptilian head. Eyes as red as rubies stared down at her with an intelligent, amused look, and the creature licked its lips, revealing dozens of large, crushing teeth within.
Elessa could only think of one creature that fitted that description, but her mind refused to even think of it as a possibility. At last she forced herself to whisper the word.
“Dragon...” she said hoarsely, and was instantly rewarded by the creature’s eyes lighting up with glee.
“That’s right little one,” the dragon said, the tone of its voice leading Elessa to realize that it was in fact a dragoness. “And you are a very foolish creature to have wandered into my den.” The dragon advanced quickly, closing the distance fast and then peering down so that her massive head was right in front of the mortified squirrel girl. She examined Elessa for a second, then blew a smoke ring that encompassed the anthro’s body, and drew her head back.
“I can smell the scent of Ruby’s chemicals upon you,” she said, smiling “hopefully you’ll last longer then some of my other ‘playmates’”
Suddenly Elessa realized what the future would be if she didn’t escape fast. The door that the dragon had entered through was still closing slowly. In a split second she had figured out her plan. She rolled under the dragons belly and started to run at the same time that the dragon pulled her legs away and allowed herself to drop. The dragon was fast, but luckily Elessa was faster.
Except that she wasn’t. Elessa yelped pathetically as the dragoness’s massive body came crashing down with the force of an iron mountain. There was a pitiful ‘squish’ as the dragon’s bulk landed, then the massive creature rolled onto her side, exposing an anthro squirrel practically tattooed onto her round white stomach.
The dragon smiled down at her. “Hmmm... and perfectly malleable too. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun playing with you. You may call me... Chloe. Yes, that’s a good name, I ate someone called Chloe once.” She smiled in a happily nostalgic way, then came back to the present. “No need to tell me your name, Elessa. Dragons long ago learned how to read minds, that’s also why I wouldn’t try escaping again if I were you.”
She peeled Elessa off her stomach then laid her on the ground and got to her feet, then patently waited for the squirrel to re-inflate. After a minute or two, Elessa lay on her back, panting, then looked up to see the massive underside of a dragon paw hovering over her. Elessa cried out and tried to roll away, but Chloe quickly pinned the struggling squirrel under her massive paw and then slowly pressed down, listening with delight to the Elessa’s muffled yells and protests.
Eventually she reached a point where she realized that the squirrel’s body couldn’t take any more. She lifted her foot up to reveal a very ruffled and panting Elessa. She grinned at this sight for a short while, then stomped down hard.
There was a crunch and then a squish as Elessa’s body compressed under her foot, then she lifted it back up and stomped again, and again, and again. Finally she let her foot rest on top of the squished anthro, and started to grind her foot back and forth over her, slowly reducing Elessa’s body to a fine black paste.
Chloe grinned and wriggled her toes, enjoying the feeling of having a powerless, squashed lifeform beneath her, and watched the black mush that was Elessa ooze between them.
Eventually she lifted her foot off her and contentedly admired the black puddle with the two blinking eyes that had once been a small squirrel girl. She waited for Elessa to fully reform, then turned, wriggled her voluptuous rump once, and sat down heavily on her.
“You know, you make a very good cushion, Elessa” Chloe said, listening with pleasure to the whimpers from beneath her as she ground her butt over her, then slammed it down twice to make sure there were no non-flat parts of Elessa’s body.
She ground her ass a bit more to get comfortable, then continued to sit on the squashed girl, every now and again shifting her weight to bring on a new round of groans from Elessa.
After a while, she decided that the squirrel girl had had enough, and got up off of her. Unfortunately as she did so, one of her back feet accidentally stepped in the gooey remains of Elessa and, like gum, Elessa’s body stuck to the underside of Chloe’s foot.
Chloe meanwhile was totally unaware of this. She got up and looked for Elessa in the crater that her massive rear had created, but was puzzled to find nothing there. She looked around, confused, then stomped over to one of the mirrored walls(Elessa being crushed with every footfall) and checked her ass in the reflective surface. Not a single bit of squirrel girl adorned it. She grew even more baffled and slightly angry at this, Surely there was no way that she could have escaped? Chloe had felt Elessa beneath her and heard the groans, so where was she now?
An idea suddenly came to Chloe. She closed her eyes and quested out with her mind, searching for the squirrel girl’s thoughts. She located them very quickly and burst out laughing, then backed up to the mirror and raised her back right foot to inspect.
Elessa wasn’t squashed into a unidentifiable puddle like before, instead her body had kept its general shape, but was squished all over, causing her super malleable body to have twisted out of shape, squashed like a piece of gum on the underside of the dragoness’s foot.
Chloe couldn’t stop laughing at that. She stomped all around the chamber, making sure to stomp and grind extra hard on the foot that Elessa was stuck on, laughing and taunting the squashed squirrel all the while.
Eventually Chloe managed to control her laughter, and peeled the gummy Elessa off her foot, the squirrel’s body stretching like gum as she did so, then laid her out on the ground.
It took very little time for Elessa’s body to reform, and when she did so, she was furious. Therefore she made a very unintelligent mistake.
“You stupid fat animal!” she screamed at the smirking dragon, “How dare you treat me like a piece of gum! You stupid tub of lard!”
Instantly Chloe’s eyes narrowed in anger, and Elessa suddenly knew true fear.
“What did you call me, bug?” She growled, “You are nothing compared to me! I can treat you how I like. AND I AM NOT FAT!”
With that she grabbed the foolish squirrel girl in her front paw, nearly crushing her again, and beat her wings, effortlessly rising from the ground and flying to the roof of the chamber, where she hovered.
“It seems you need to be taught a lesson about your place in the order of things, bug.” Chloe said, her eyes glowing bright red with anger. “SQUIRRELS ARE BENEATH DRAGONS!”
Chloe suddenly stopped beating her wings, letting herself freefall, and held Elessa to the underside of her stomach.
It would be the bellyflop to end all bellyflops.
The ground rushed up to meet them very quickly, and Chloe was delighted to hear Elessa’s desperate screams and cries for mercy. At the last second, Chloe let go of the squirrel, letting gravity keep her pinned to the dragon’s belly.
The whole chamber shook with cataclysmic fury at the forced of the dragon’s landing. The mirrored walls shattered and crumbled, revealing plain steel beyond. The vent fell from the roof, clattering to the ground a few feet away. The floor cracked outwards from the dragon’s body, which had produced a crater that was almost as deep as she was.
When the dust had settled, Chloe opened her eyes tentatively. She peeled her head and neck out of the crater then rolled onto her side to inspect the damage.
The dragon’s normally white stomach now had a large black spot in its exact center. The force of the impact had reduced Elessa to a black splotch on the underside of the dragon, squashed into paste and also squashed flat. She looked like a bug swatted on Chloe’s belly. As usual, all that had survived was Elessa’s bright red g-string and bra, and two dazed and squashed flat eyes.
Chloe laughed sadistically and scraped Elessa’s gooey leftovers into one of her paws, then lay down to wait for her to reform.
It took ages. The squirrel’s body had undergone so much damage in the fall that the repair took almost half an hour, but eventually Elessa sat in the middle of the dragon’s paw, clad only in her red bikini.
The dragon smiled and glared closely at the squirrel.
“You look very tasty in that outfit. Almost... good enough to eat!”
Chloe tossed Elessa high into the air, then, as she started to fall, snapped her up in mid air and started to chew thoroughly, ignoring the squirrel’s screams and yelps as her teeth pulverized, pounded and minced her soft, malleable body. Chloe chewed for a while, paying no attention to Elessa’s cries for help or mercy, enjoying the juicy flavor of the squirrel.
Then Chloe had an idea. She flattened the squirrel’s mashed body with her tongue, then repositioned her and started to exhale, blowing an Elessa gum bubble. The black bubble swelled fast until it was nearly as big as the dragons head, two small eyes on the front of the bubble, then burst.
Chloe laughed at the poor Elessa who was now stuck as gum on around the dragons mouth, then she licked up the girl and started to chew again, occasionally blowing a large bubble just to hear Elessa’s screams.
Eventually the squirrel gum ran out of flavor. Chloe was disappointed, but spat her out anyway and decided she had had enough fun for one day. She waited for Elessa to reform, them breathed in deeply and then exhaled, breathing out a superhot, focused stream of fire straight at the squirrel girl.
Elessa had no time to react as the fire washed over her, burning her to a crisp and melting the ground around her.
As abruptly as it had started, the fire stopped, revealing a blackened and crispy squirrel.
The dragon laughed and turned to walk back to her pen, then stopped.
“You’re still awaiting punishment, aren’t you? Well, knowing Ruby, We’re going to see a lot more of each other.”
She laughed evilly and walked back to her pen, swinging her hips and shaking her large ass.
Behind her, the burnt squirrel whimpered and collapsed into a small pile of ashes, two blinking eyes adorning the top.
Ok, Part 4 is back up. You will notice that all i've done is change Amelia to Elessa. I very unwisely named that character after a friend of mine and she then found my DA page, so i had to quickly remove this story before she could see it.

Since then i've told her about the use of her name and she says she didn't mind because i took the story down, but to not use her name again.
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Chimcharlover13 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2009  Professional Writer
Whoa...just awesome! :wow:
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
Hey, you tweaked this story well. We're gonna see a lot more of Chloe, I hope. Elessa is the new kid in ruby's laboratory. You have great ideas in this story. :)
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
You will indeed see alot more of Chloe. I'm putting her in the next story, but its progress is slow...

Thanks for the fav!
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
It takes a little time to make a good story. No need to rush things. I get a little excited when I
do a story like the now. I just pace myself and it's all good after that. The progress is just right for you right now. ^^
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
I genrally do my stories all in one sitting, i've no idea why.
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
That's actually a good thing. I did the flattening illusion story in one sitting.
Of course, part of the reason was that I can picture it as if it was yesterday.
It was a while ago when I was a kid when I did that. This is your comfort zone for storywriting. :)
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
Yeah, i have to say that if i leave a story halfway through, i have real trouble getting myself motivated for the second half.
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
Same here. You'll do well. :)
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
Thanks :)
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kapassikey Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
yay, its back up! we understand, lad. hope more are like this maybe with some new squashing/mushing ideas ^_^
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
Thanks. I am kinda slowly running out of ideas though.
kapassikey Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
hmm what about a weaker human woman vs. a taller anthro witch?
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
hmmm... i'm genrally trying to keep it to the scenarios/characters that i've got. I'm also trying to stick mostly to non-anthro squashers.
kapassikey Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
*nods* understood. hmmm how about have the dragoness, being so big and all, she has two people to squish. hmm maybe take the black furred squirl girl and the white furred wolf, squish them together and mash them into grey pain with two sets of eyes floating in it?
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
i was considering having something like that in one of my new stories. I definatly want to use my dragoness again soon.
kapassikey Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009
awesome ^_^.
rikkusguardian Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Instant fave, man! Poor Elessa. Squashed, chewed up, and burnt! I Loled at this for quite some time!
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
Thanks. I was quite happy with this (apart from the intro) and i assure you that both the characters here will be back.
vengefuldragon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
still awsome story bud and good call on name change if that was the case ^^
SquashedFlat Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
Thanks. And thanks for favouriting it as well.
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