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I made a thing for class. It's very rough, has no sound, and there's a hundred things I want to improve in it, but overall I am incredibly happy with it, and extremely proud of myself.

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Texas in Trouble by SquashedFlat
Texas in Trouble

Texas crept through the warehouse, her gun at the ready and her sheriff’s star shining like silver on her chest. After months of police work and investigation, she had uncovered the hideout of one of the city’s most wanted criminals, Rachel the cat. Texas had been after Rachel for a long time now, but the cat seemed to always have a trick up her sleeve and always managed to escape at the last minute. Not this time though.

The weasel sheriff narrowed her eyes and stealthily moved into cover behind a stack of crates, peering around them into the space beyond. Up ahead, illuminated in the darkness by a hanging light, was a small living area built amongst the boxes, consisting of a table, chairs, a portable stove, a small TV and a hammock, and in the hammock was the grey-furred cat. Her back was currently turned to Texas, but even from this distance, Texas could hear her snoring loudly. The weasel took a deep breath, then leapt out from behind cover, gun pointed at the sleeping cat.

“Freeze, ya varmint! Don’t even think about movin’” She said in her thick, southern drawl, every fibre of her body tensed and ready to strike should the cat try to run. However, much to Texas’s surprise, Rachel didn’t move at all, nor did the snoring stop. The weasel blinked incredulously, then walked closer, her gun not wavering.

“Ah said, don’t move, you’re under arrest!!” She shouted a bit louder, still receiving no response. “Hey! Cat! Wake up already ya varmint! Ah’m arrestin’ you here!” Texas, incredibly frustrated that this wasn’t going how she planned, stormed over to the sleeping figure and grabbed her arm.


The noise echoed around the room for a few seconds, wavering in and out. Texas stood there, blinking in surprise, her eyes focusing and unfocusing, then collapsed to the ground, unconscious. Behind her stood Rachel, holding a still-vibrating frying-pan in her hand and looking down at the unconscious sheriff. The cat smirked and brushed her long, black hair out of her eyes, looking from Texas to the dummy that lay in the hammock. She walked over to it and turned off the tape-recorder that was playing the snoring.

“Y’know, I don’t know who’s the bigger dummy out of you two…” She said with a grin, then grabbed some rope and set to work tying up the sheriff.


Texas awoke slowly and groggily, her head aching from where the frying pan had made its mark. She noticed that she was lying in something cold, wet and sticky, and tried to get to her feet, at which point she noticed that her hands and feet were bound tightly with rope. The weasel shook her head to clear the dizziness, and tried to recall what happened. She had been going through the warehouse, about to arrest Rachel and- oh. Right.

As soon as she pieced this together, there was a loud roar from behind her. Glancing back, she was confronted with a truly terrifying sight. Behind her sat a massive, gleaming, steel steamroller, clearly built for heavy-duty work, and on top of that sat Rachel, the cat grinning happily and waving down to her.

“Hey there, Sheriff! I can see you’re a little tied up at the moment so I’ll make this quick.” The cat said with a malicious smile. “I think you’ve been getting a little too big for your boots recently, so I’ve decided that you should retire. I’ve already got the perfect job lined up for you too! You were a pretty lousy sheriff, but I’m sure you’ll make an excellent sidewalk!”

Texas glanced down again at the grey paste she was lying in, which was slowly hardening around her. Cement! And quick-drying cement at that. She had to think quickly or-

“Bye bye, sheriff fat-butt!” Rachel grinned and heartily pushed one of the levers on the steamroller, which instantly rolled forwards into the cement, flattening out Texas’s feet beneath it without a hint of difficulty. The weasel cried out in fear and struggled desperately, but the steamroller had her now. It rolled slowly up her legs and thighs, smushing them flat with ease and embedding them in the cement, then reached Texas’s butt. The roller slowed for a brief second, seemingly having trouble with the sheriff’s well-formed, plump rump, but then gradually continued its advance, pressing the weasel’s butt into two large, flat pancakes with a loud, drawn-out SQUUUIIIISSSHHHH…

By this point, Texas was desperately and futilely trying to pull herself away, but with the lower-half of her body completely trapped underneath the incomprehensibly heavy roller, there was no-where she could go. She squeaked loudly as the roller passed over her stomach, forcing all the air in her body out of her mouth and leaving her unable to speak, but that would be the least of her worries as the steamroller squashed her bountiful breasts flat and continued up to her neck. The last thing she heard was Rachel’s laughter before her head disappeared beneath the roller, and the sheriff was completely steamrolled.

Up in the driver’s seat, Rachel sighed happily and flicked the steamroller into reverse, enjoying the squishing sounds as the roller passed over the flattened sheriff again to make sure she was completely stuck. The cat then switched off the steamroller and hopped out, walking round to the front to survey her handiwork and snickering at the sight. In front of her was a completely smooth slab of pavement like all the rest, except for what looked like a very realistic drawing of a flattened weasel which stretched from one end of the slab to the other. Texas was completely flat, with not a single bump or protrusion. Her large butt and breasts were now two sets of large, flat discs, each about the size of a dinner plate, and the rest of her body had become a few centimetres wider on either side, a side effect of the flattening. Texas’s face was still largely visible, poking out from beneath her flattened hat, and her eyes looked up pleadingly at the cat, who just grinned down mercilessly.

“Hehe, congratulations, sheriff. You’re now the sexiest pavement in town!” She said, circling around her to examine her from all sides, then taking off her shoes and stepping onto the cool, hardened cement before walking up and down Texas’s flattened form. “I’ve always said I could walk all over the law in this town. I guess now that’s truer than ever!” The cat tramples Texas’s face beneath her bare feet, then stops and just stands on top of her, wriggling her toes and sighing happily. “It feels good to win… Well, bye-bye, sheriff flat-butt! I’ll be sure to stop by often!”

With that, the cat picks up her shoes and walks off happily, leaving the flattened, defeated and humiliated sheriff behind, whimpering softly into the cement.


Don't worry, folks, someone will come along shortly to chisel her free. This piece of art I commissioned from the amazingly talented :icontoughset: featuring my character Texas and :iconchimcharlover13:'s character Rachel. Story by me.

Cyndi didn't know what was in that drink, but it had hit her harder than a man-o-war's broadside. The pirate captain groaned, her mind fuzzy, and tried to move, only to find that she was stuck. Her mind tried to focus as she struggled against her bindings. She tried to shout, only to discover the gag in her mouth. She looked around desperately. Wooden walls, wooden floor, crates... A warehouse? But what was that awful smell?

Someone walked around in front of her and she instantly recognised them. Ashley, her first mate! She was saved! Cyndi breathed a sigh of relief, then stopped as she remembered who had bought her that last drink. Ashley grinned.

"Hey there, Cap. No need to stand, I can see you're a little tied up at the moment, but we have some things to discuss. See, me and the crew have had a chat, and they're mostly in agreement that you're a pretty useless captain. Too soft on the merchants, too nice to the locals. How are we meant to build up our rep with you buyin' people drinks all the time, huh? So we figure it's time for a change in leadership." The fox's grin widened at that, and Cyndi struggled against her bindings, spitting curses muffledly into her gag.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm in control now, cap, and I just need to get rid of you. Now, I figure that since you were always such an ass to me, I need an even bigger ass to deal with you. Say hello to my friend." Ashley held up a mirror, and Cyndi's eyes went wide.

Behind her was the biggest elephant she had ever seen, easily standing at twice her height and almost cylindrical with fat. It was currently snacking on something she couldn't see, but it's colossal rear was right behind Cyndi. The bunny's mind froze with fear, her only though being: "At least I figured out where the smell was coming from..."

Ashley walked around the struggling rabbit to the huge elephant's side, putting a hand on it and stroking it gently. A few flies buzzed around it's ass, but the elephant swatted them away with it's tail.

"Isn't she a beauty, Cyndi? I bought her with my share of the profits, as well as that special sleep potion to slip into your drink. I call her the 'Cyndi Crusher.' Want me to demonstrate?"

The rabbit shook her head fiercely, but it hardly mattered. Ashley just grinned and looked her ex-captain in the eyes with malicious glee.


The exceptionally well-trained elephant responded almost instantly. Her back legs folded and she allowed her weight to all shift backwards. Cyndi screamed into her gag as the shadow of the elephant's ass passed over her, a split second before it's actual ass came crashing down, the colossal rump slamming her straight to the ground and flattening her body like paper beneath it. Ashley instantly burst into a laughing fit as the elephant ground it's ass from side to side on top of it's comfortable seat, causing Cyndi's feet, the only part of her not completely flattened, be dragged side to side with it.

Ashley sighed happily as she watched the demolition of her superior, imagining the kind of crushing torment the girl was going through. It wasn't over yet however, as the elephant's stomach soon began to rumble alarmingly, the hay it had been snacking on clearly disagreeing with it. Ashley held her nose and watched Cyndi's feet kick and struggle, as whatever conscious part of her mind new exactly what was going to happen next...


The elephant suddenly blasted out a huge, powerful blast of gas focused right on top of the doomed captain. The fart made the ground tremble and the walls shake, and Cyndi's legs twitched in pain and disgust as a smell akin to rotten eggs boiled in a trash can full of old vegetables filled the room, the captain easily getting the worst of it. After a few seconds Cyndi's leg's stopped twitching as she passed out, and the elephant trumpeted proudly.

Ashley, still holding her nose, smirked and pushed some more hay over to the elephant, ensuring it would remain seated and gassing Cyndi for a long time. She then took one last look at the beautiful squashing scene in front of her and turned to leave.

"Looks like you're buried under all the booty you could ever want, captain! Have fun!"

With that, the laughing fox stepped out of the warehouse and was gone, leaving the huge elephant seated upon it's new fart cushion for the rest of the night.


This wonderful piece of art was done by the amazingly talented :icondoomage10: You should all go and give him your money.

The story is by me, and I am considering using the two characters in a series of pirate-themed squashing stories, with Cyndi constantly clashing with her rival captain as they search for buried treasure or something. If you like the idea or if you have any ideas that might compliment it, feel free to let me know. For now, enjoy!

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It was 3am at the Wolflock School for witches, where talented young magic users were taken to study the ways of magic, and everybody was back into their dormitory beds. Everybody that is, except for three young witches up to no good. In the most forbidden room in the forbidden wing of the forbidden library, Jessie, Sammy and Sophia were searching through all of the books they could get their hands on. Sammy, who was flicking through a large book bound in crocodile leather, grinned happily.

“Ooh, oohh! What about this one! We could turn ourselves into dragons!” She bounced excitedly, her two chestnut-coloured ponytails bobbing along with her. The excitable brunette was an up-and-coming star in the Wolflock cheerleading team, and had been close friends with the two other girls from the first day of school, three years ago. Jessie, currently sitting against a bookshelf and flipping through a pile of books, rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, think again, Sam. We’d have the whole school trying to kill us in a second. We need something more insidious… like this! Plague of boils.” The pretty Goth girl grins and turns the book around, revealing a gruesome picture. The two other girls shudder and shake their heads, and the Goth rolls her eyes. Though she acted quite indifferent to her friends, she did deeply care about them, otherwise she wouldn’t even be here. She shrugged and went back to her books, while Sophia sighed and threw another book on the huge pile she’d read through.

“There are so many spells… but none of them any good. What we need is some kind of ultimate power… power to reshape the world as we see fit.” She grins a little at the thought, making the other two girls a little uneasy. Sophia was a straight-A student in all areas of magical studies, and destined to be school valedictorian… At least she was, until the Wolflock sisters arrived at the school. The three decedents of the school’s founder had immediately turned the school on its head, as all of them were talented, beautiful and incredibly powerful witches. They had systematically taken over the whole student body, and pushed the three friends from their comfortable position of power to the bottom of the social order.

Vera Wolflock, master of the dark arts, had quickly pulled the school’s sizable Goth population to her side. Jamie, unofficially considered to be the previous Goth leader, had tried to fight against this change, challenging Vera to a magic duel. Unfortunately for her Vera was much too powerful, and transformed Jamie into a statue for the day, displaying her in the courtyard for all to see. That was the start of the feud.
Vera’s sisters, Tabitha and Maria, soon got wind of this, and it wasn’t long before Tabitha joined the cheerleading team, pushing Sammy aside and becoming cheer captain. Tabitha kept Sammy in the squad, but gave her the worst positions. Bottom of the human pyramid, water fetcher and all-round whipping girl. Sammy, who had never felt a negative emotion in her happy, excitable life, had felt deep hatred for the first time.

Finally, there was Maria and Sophia. While the skills of the other sisters surpassed their counterparts, Maria was lazy, laid-back and scraped through with bad grades. There was no way she could beat Sophia at an intellectual level. So she didn’t. Instead, she bullied Sophia mercilessly with her powerful magic; turning the girl into a pig while she was giving a speech in class, slipping a flatulence potion into her drink just before Sophia had a meeting with the principle, and finally turning her into underwear on the day of the big school test, resulting in Sophia’s first ever F.

That had been the last straw. Pushed to the limit, the girls had sought out their means of revenge in the Forbidden Library, where the most powerful spell books ever written were kept. If they could just find a spell to increase their magical powers, they could fight the sisters on a fair level, and take back their school! Unfortunately, it seemed that their search was fruitless. Sophia sighed and put down her last book.

“Nothing… nothing at all… It’s pointless. Come on, girls. Let’s get back to bed before we’re discovered.” She goes to stand up, then yelps as her foot slips on a loose book. Throwing out a hand, she grabs a candlestick on the wall, and with a loud ‘CACHUNK’ the candlestick tilted down. All three girls froze, then looked over in wonder as a bookshelf slowly slid aside, revealing a secret room beyond.

“Whoa… Ultra awesome, Sophia!” Sammy said happily, rushing to her feet and running over to the room. Inside, there sat a single, black book on top of a podium, the cover studded with rubies and black diamonds, glittering dragon scales in the darkness. Jamie whistled appreciatively and cautiously walks in, then picks up the book.

“It’s just called… Navina…” As she said the name, a draught blew through the room, making Sammy gasp in fear.

“M-maybe we shouldn’t be here, girls… I-I mean, it was hidden for a reason, right? Let’s just-“

“Wait! Look at this!” Sophia says, flipping through the book. Every page was filled with faded pictures, all of them of someone being crushed. On one page, a knight was being stomped by a giant boot. On another, a princess was crushed on her own throne by a huge, beautiful butt. On the final page, there was no picture, but a simple spell titled: “To summon Navina, crusher of enemies.” All three girls instantly grinned, imagining their most hated enemies being crushed beneath this unknown being, seeing the powerful girls’ faces completely powerless as they were crushed by Navina. Sophia smiled and looks to her two friends, both of them nervous but equally eager. She took a deep breath, then starts reading:

“Navina, Navina, crusher of worlds, Navina, Navina, your prison unfurled. We request your presence, whatever the cost, we wish to see your enemies squashed!” Lightning instantly cracked around the room, stabbing at the walls and raining down sparks, the wind howled in a tornado around the girls, and sinister laugh rose from the air, increasing in volume and intensity. The girls screamed in fear, but it was too late a bright light engulfed them, and Navina appeared.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh girls, so young and so foolish” Before them stood what was clearly a demon, that much was obvious from her horns and her tail, but of such unimaginable beauty and power that all three friends felt weak at the knees, Sammy actually falling down in fear and awe. Navina’s eyes, two glittering emeralds in a sea of darkness, gently caressed each fragile form in front of her with its gaze. A smile played on her midnight lips, the red skin of her cheeks creasing into a perfect smile. She walked forward, circling the girls, examining them, her seductive, full bottom swaying like a pendulum to the movement of her hips, her insultingly large breasts bouncing, almost unable to be contained by the scrap of cloth keeping her modesty intact, if the demoness had any.

“And such tasty treats. All for me? You shouldn’t have. But you did. Foolish, young, tasty girls…” She ran a finger, tipped with a long, sharp nail, down Jessie’s cheek, along her jaw, and then held the point right at her throat. Navina looked to Sophia. “Tell me, book reader, what do you want with the beautiful Navina, lost goddess of war and shadow of the world, destroyer of nations and crusher of enemies?” She hissed the last few worlds, taking intense pleasure from the thought. Sophia whimpered slightly, completely intimidated by the demon, a rabbit in the headlights, but there was no turning back now.

“Navina…. W-we have summoned you because we wish to see out enemies crushed! Vera, T-tabitha and Maria Wolflock. W-whatever your price is, we are willing to pay it!”

“Oh? So willing to accept? You haven’t even heard my terms yet… not that it matters. Simply by reading the spell, our fates out interwoven, a silk tapestry that will inevitably end with someone, somewhere, flattened beneath me.” She purred and wriggled her toes. Sammy gulped.

“S-sophia, maybe this wasn’t such a good ide-“

“My terms are simple: I will squuuueeelch your enemies beneath me, but my price is a high one. There must be balance, which means for them to be at your mercy, you first must be at theirs, for a whole day. Oh, and you’ll be shrunk down and probably crushed.” The three girls blinked in surprise at that, Sammy looking confused and Sophia speechless. Jamie’s jaw dropped.

“Wait, we never agreed to th-“

“You did when you signed the contract! Good luck girls!” The demon snapped her fingers, and the three girls disappeared, sent to their fates. Navina grinned and sat down, then plucked a crystal ball from out of thin air and activated it with a spell, excitedly getting ready to watch the girls’ suffering.

When Sophia awoke, she was cold, disoriented and lying in something squishy. She groaned and opened her eyes, looking up at the sky above her, and noticed that oddly-enough, it was daylight, probably a few hours after dawn. She sat up and shivered, then looked at where she was.

“O-oh no…” The genius witch, now only two inches tall, was sitting in a large, muddy garden bed, devoid of any and all plants. Her back was covered in the cold clinging mud, but that wasn’t what she was worried about… this area of the school, behind the kitchens and out of sight of anyone, was widely known as the ‘detention patch.’ Girls given detention were made to come out here and plant vegetables, pick vegetables, or in the winter, as it was now, make sure that the soil was kept soft enough for planting.

Before Sophia could react, someone came walking around the corner, holding a pitchfork and a shovel, her hair a scruffy mess and her uniform’s skirt far, FAR too short, it was the only girl in school who ever got detention, Maria. The tomboy witch was currently chewing gum and grumbling to herself, her plump butt swishing as she walked over to the patch. A few feet away, she froze, then a sly smile spread its way, catlike, across her face. Sophia had been spotted.

“Well, well, well… Looks like fate has a sense of humour. The girl who got me this detention, shrunken and completely at my mercy…” Sophia leapt to her feet, trying to run, but Maria just muttered a single word. Instantly Sophia froze in her tracks, Maria’s spell holding her body completely still, a rat in a trap. “I don’t think I’ll need these tools today. I want to feel the soil beneath my feet.” She threw the shovel and pitchfork down, then pulls off her shoes and slowly peels back her socks, sweat running down her soles. “Mmmm… I’m glad I didn’t take my shower this week. Now my feet are niiiice and sweaty for you, loser. Time to go squish!”

She laughs sinisterly, then lifts her foot over the frozen girl and sloooowly brings it down. Sophia screamed and struggled, but she was completely trapped as the foot pressed down on her back, pushing her into the soft mud. The foot didn’t stop there, however, continuing to push down on top of the tiny girl, the sweat being ground into her hair and clothes until she was completely submerged in the mud. Then, with one final movement-SQUOOSH! Sophia’s body flattened out like dough under an elephant, crushed, filthy and sweaty. Maria laughs evilly and grinds back and forth, further squishing the tiny girl into mush, the stinking mud and her sweating feet practically gluing her to her rival’s sole.

“Haha! How does it feel to be nothing but toejam, bitch!” Maria says, wriggling her toes and feeling Sophia’s flattened body squishing up between them. Maria grins as she looks over the huge, muddy garden. “Now, time to start softening the mud.” She laughs, then starts to stomp all over the garden bed with Sophia stuck to her foot, mashing the mud and dirt beneath her sweaty soles, mixing all the dirt together and crushing her loser rival with each second step she takes.

After close to fifteen minutes of this stomping abuse, the garden bed was expertly and beautifully softened, with not a single inch of it untouched. Maria grinned proudly at her handiwork, then sniggered as she looked down and her feet, absolutely lathered in mud and reeking like a cesspit. Maria, curiosity getting the better of her, lifted up one foot and scraped away the mud on the bottom of it, before feeling around for Sophia. With some difficulty, he found an edge to the girl, then slowly peeled the flattened genius off.

The girl, though she could barely be called that anymore, was completely and utterly squashed flat, mud covering her entire body, her hair sticking out in all directions and saturated with sweat and filth. Maria burst out laughing, then simply threw the smushed girl onto the pile of mud, smirking.

“I’m done stomping you, loser! Now… I need a seat.”

Sophia screamed in terror, unable to do anything but watch as Maria slowly turned around, then flipped up the back of her miniskirt, revealing her plump butt contained by silk panties. Before Sophia could react in any way, Maria simply jumped up and let herself fall, her massive ass descending like a meteor until SMUSH!

“Welcome to your new home, genius! The only thing you get to study now is my perfect ass!” She laughed happily to herself, then ground her butt back and forth in the mud, Sophia completely and utterly defeated.

Across the school from this, in the cheerleader’s changing room, Sammy was just waking up. She groaned and rubbed her head, then gave a yelp of fright as she examined her surroundings. Currently she was standing on top of a tiny ledge in the shower, miles (for her) above the ground. She whimpered and backed up to the wall, noticing a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo next to her.

“Am I… in the showers?” She looked around and gulped “I better find a way to get down befo- oh no…” The tiny cheerleader went pale as she heard footsteps approaching. “Please don’t let it be-“

Tabitha, fresh out of cheerleader practise and smelling quite awful, sighed happily, clearly looking forward to her shower. She removes her contact lenses, the world becoming a blurry haze, then starts to strip down, her perfectly rounded breasts and firm, bubble butt coming into view. She walks over to one of the shower cubicles and turns on the shower, completely oblivious to the tiny girl she was sharing it with.

Sammy breathed a sigh of relief as Tabitha started to rinse herself off, clearly not seeing the tiny girl there. If she could just hide until her huge rival left, she could try to climb down and-

“Hey, a washcloth!” Sammy gave a yelp of fright and turned around, just in time to see Tabitha’s huge hand swoop down like a bird of prey, snatching her up with absolute ease. Before Sammy could object, Tabitha shoved her onto the bar of soap and started to lather her up, getting ready for a good, thorough clean.

“Good to see the school finally took my suggestion to buy some washcloths. Good thing too, because I have a lot of cleaning to do!” She grins happily, then slams her Sammy washcloth straight into her armpit, whistling happily as she rubbed her back and forth in the foul pit. After that, she moved the disgusted and disoriented Sammy across to the other pit. Sammy opened her mouth to scream, but unfortunately all she received was a mouthful of sweaty flesh as she was viciously used to scrub the filthy armpit of her most hated enemy.

It wasn’t long before Tabitha was finished cleaning her pits. Sammy dangled limply in her hand, her spirit most certainly sapped, but the worst was yet to come. Tabitha’s hand slowly moved around to her colossal ass, the sight being like two massive boulders to Sammy, with a foul, swampy smell emanating from them. There was nothing she could do however, as Tabitha instantly smashed her into one fleshy cheek, silencing her cries and rubbing her back and forth, Sammy getting an very intimate view of Tabitha’s perfect ass.

It was about to get a hundred times worse though, as Sammy was peeled away from the cheek and repositioned in front of Tabitha’s sweaty ass-crack, able to see every contour and trickle of sweat on it. The girl’s eyes went wide with fear.

“NONONONON-“ SQUISH! Tabitha moaned as she smashed her washcloth into her deep butt-crack, scrubbing it up and down and squashing Sammy brutally. After a few seconds, Tabitha let go of her washcloth, simply using her massive butt-cheeks to hold Sammy in place then gyrates her hips, causing her butt-cheeks to grind together, crushing the tiny girl flatter and flatter while Tabitha moaned happily.

“Ahhh… That’s soooo good. This cloth is nice and soft… Stay there for a minute, would you, cloth? I need to shampoo my hair!” Tabitha slams her butt back into the tile wall, smashing Sammy further and trapping her. She then starts to pour shampoo into her hands, then lathers up her hair, humming to herself and grinding her booty to the beat in her head, her mountainous butt constantly crushing and squishing the tiny girl for five minutes straight.

When Tabitha was finally done, Sammy was praying for mercy in her head. Tabitha’s huge hand reached back around, finally remembering her washcloth, and pulled the completely flattened girl out. In an ironic twist of fate, Sammy was now so flattened, that she actually resembled some kind of novelty washcloth. Tabitha rinsed her off, then placed her back on the shelf.

“As much as I’d love to take you with me, little washcloth, I can’t…” The flattened Sammy breathed a sigh of relief at that, her torment finally over. “I don’t want to deprive the rest of the cheerleaders from having their fun with you!” At that moment, the sounds of approaching footsteps and raised voices echoed down the hallway, and the entirety of the cheerleading team entered the bathroom, all done with practise and ready to shower down. Tabith said her goodbyes to the girls and left, just as one of the girls hopped into the shower, grabbing the flattened Sammy.

“Hey, a washcloth! Great!” It was going to be a long day…


When the last girl finally awoke, her fate was already sealed. Jamie had been transported right to the room of her rival, Vera, and had been lying right in the middle of the floor as Vera entered. The beautiful, giant Goth had been a little surprised at the sight, but was mainly just amused, chalking it up to a spell backfiring.

“Well, well, well… I’m going to have a lot of fun with you. After today, your reputation will be ruined…” Vera whispered sinisterly, flicking the raven locks of hair away from her face. Jamie was of course unconscious, so she did not hear a word of this, but when she awoke, she immediately knew where she was.

The smell of expensive perfume and incense clung thickly to the walls of the black leather purse. Jamie was curled up in the centre of the back, next to a tube of lipstick and an old, battered spellbook. The tiny girl instantly crawled over to the book and flipped it open with some difficulty, looking for some sort of useful spell. She hardly got a chance to start looking however, when she was jolted off her feet by the bag being put down. She groaned dizzily, then covers her eyes as light suddenly streams into the bag, a huge hand reaching down for her.

Outside of the bag, Vera was in an unused classroom, surrounded by a group of girls in stark black clothing. Usually the girls would meet here after class and practise their spells, but today Vera had called them and told them that she had something special in mind. The girls all watched in eager confusion as Vera withdrew something from her bag, then dumped the tiny Jamie on the table. The girl stumbled and fell, then tried to get to her feet, only to be stopped dead as Vera pinned her down with a single finger to her back.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun today, girls. I’ve got some very special spells for this runt.” She smirks and takes her spellbook out of her bag, while the rest of the Goth girls all crowded around excitedly, whispering and grinning to each other. Jamie gulped worriedly and opened her mouth to speak, but Vera pressed down on her back, making her squeak as the air was pushed out of her. Vera smirked and lay her huge spellbook down, flicking to a certain page titled ‘Expansion.’

“Now then, watch closely, girls. You’re gonna want to remember this one.” She smirks, then takes her shirt off, revealing her already quite substantial breasts, held in place by a lacy black bra. Jamie whimpers, not liking where this was going, but Vera quickly scooped her up and placed her underneath her breasts.

“Ok, loser, here’s the deal. I’m going to do a little strength test. I’ll drop my breasts on top of you, and if you can hold them up for twenty seconds, I’ll let you go. If not… my boobs are gonna make some bitch pancakes.” She grins sinisterly, not waiting for a reply, then lowers her substantial chest down.

“W-wait! Vera, Don’t- Ugh!!” Jamie grunts as she puts her hands up and holds the mammoth mammary that was pressing down on her, having to fall to one knee to be able to hold the weight. Her arms trembled alarmingly and her muscles ached, but she was holding strong, and just needed to keep it up for twenty seconds…

“Huh, the puny brat’s actually doing it. Well, watch and learn, girls.” She glances to the spellbook and grins. “Expando copsicus biggero krun!” With a flash of magic, Vera’s breasts began to swell in size, expanding like beach balls and quickly doubling in size, becoming outlandishly large and, unfortunately for Jamie, twice as heavy.

“Argh! N-no,I have t-to…to hold on!” Jamie screamed, trying to will herself through the trial as her arms were pushed down and her legs buckled beneath her. With a final scream, Jamie’s strength gave way and the huge boob smashed down on top of her with a loud SQUISH! The girls all cheered and laughed, while Vera just wore her smug smile and folded her arms in dominance.

“Huh. I thought as much. Pathetic. I hope you girls all memorized that spell. I’ll be checking at the end. But speaking of checking on failures…” Vera’s mouth twisted into an arrogant grin as she stood up from the table, revealing two breast-shaped indents, one of them with a completely flattened girl at the bottom. The Goths instantly began to laugh and jeer, as Jamie’s flattened face looked up in pain and horror. Vera gave a fake pout.

“Awww, were my huge breasts too much for the squishy little loser? What’s wrong, Jamie, feeling a little crushed?” She smirks, watching the tiny girl’s body slowly start to heal itself. “Well, don’t think it’s over yet. I still have to show off the second use of the expansion spell…” Vera smirks, then turns around and lifts her skirt, revealing the two huge, pale orbs of her butt. Jamie gasps, then weakly struggles to her feet, turning and trying to run away.

“Oh, not that easy, little Jamie. Expando copsicus biggero krun!” The huge butt began to swell even larger to match her now-giant breasts, the shadow of it quickly eclipsing the fleeing Jamie. They tiny girl looks up in fear, stumbling and falling to her knees.

“N-no…  Please no! Anything but that! Vera!!” Vera just smirked, slowly shaking her butt back and forth, taunting her.

“Sorry, little bug, but I don’t speak loser. Bye bye!” She cackles with laughter and leaps back, her butt big enough to cover the entire desk, then crashes down with obliterating force, smashing down onto the desk, then breaking the desk and crashing down to the floor, utterly pulverising Jamie into a flattened mess under her ass.

“Mmmm… looks like we know who’s Queen of the Goths now, don’t we, you pathetic splattered mess…” Vera says, grinding her ass slowly back and forth and listening to the squishing mixed in with the splintering of the wood. “You never stood a chance against me.”

With one last, heavy bounce to destroy anything beneath her, Vera smiled and got to her feet, Jamie flattened and stuck to her ass like some kind of spiteful tattoo. The huge Goth laughs and lifts her skirt so that all the other girls could see, and the rest of the group laughed and started snapping photos on their phones.

“Make sure to get my good side, girls. I want the whole world to see those photos!”

Jamie, completely 2D, her limbs spread-eagled and her face in an expression of dazed pain, could only whimper weakly on the butt of her worst enemy, experiencing the worst humiliation she could possibly imagine.

“Ok, girls. Now it’s your turn to practise the spell. And everyone gets a turn crushing my little paper-girl.”

Somehow, Jamie knew that her previous thought was wrong.


It was hours of pain later, at midnight on the dot, when all three girls were freed from their torment. Navina, who had just enjoyed a day of watching three very stupid girls getting obliterated by their opponents, sighed and waved her hand, her crystal ball disappearing into thin air. The demoness slowly uncoiled from her cross-legged seat and stood in one flowing motion, then snapped her fingers. Instantly all three girls were teleported into the room, Sophia covered in mud, Sammy drenched in sweat, and Jamie looking ragged and slightly thinner than she had before. Navina tried to keep a straight face as she looked them over.

“Well then, girls… How did you enjoy your days?” She smirked, her pointed tail flicking in amusement. Sophia’s eye twitched with rage, her teeth gritted. The normally shy girl let out a snarl of frustration and lunged forwards, standing face-to-face with Navina.

“Y-you!! You… you… Demon!! We’ve just been through hell! Now it’s your time to live up to your end of the bargain! We want those girls squashed, humiliated and completely destroyed, and then we want you gone forever!!”

Navina’s eyes narrowed, clearly not amused by the verbal barrage aimed at her. She dexterously slips past Sophia, looking over the other two girls and smiling.

“Yes… that… You see, there’s a slight problem with that…” She says in almost a seductive whisper, secretly relishing each word. “You very silly girls read my spell wrong.” She shakes her head disappointedly. Sammy gawked at her.

“W-wrong? What do you mean, wrong?” She said, her voice trembling. Navina smiled and walked over to her.

“Oh, just a single word, but it makes all the difference. You see, the final line is meant to be ‘Our enemies’ but you girls read it as ‘Your enemies’. It really was such a simple mistake. But it was enough. You didn’t bring me here to crush your enemies, like you intended. You brought me here to crush MY enemies!” The three girls all froze with fear as a slow smile slipped across Navina’s face. “And I have to say, Sophia, ranting in my face a minute ago? Let’s just say that we’re not on good terms….”

Sophia gasped, suddenly very fearful. She glanced back at the book, the illustrations of brutal squashings striking her with terror.

“W-wait, Navina, we’re sorry! I didn’t mean it. Please, we’ll just go our separate ways and-“

“Poor, silly, stupid Sophia…” Navina said with a smile. “I don’t forgive. It’s more fun this way. Prepare to get smooshed, girls.” She snaps her fingers, and a gale sweeps through the room. Lightning crackles around, then latches onto the three girls and starts pulling them, screaming and struggling, towards the book. Navina laughs happily as the girls fight, but with a final tug, the three are pulled into its pages and the book slams shut.

Sophia found herself standing on a huge stone slab, sheer, cliff-like walls rising on either side and behind her, and a vast desert stretching out towards the horizon. She groaned, her head fuzzy, making it hard to remember what had happened…

“S-sammy…? Jamie…? H-hello?” She called out, the hot desert wind snatching her words away as soon as they left her mouth.

“Oh, they are right here, little Sophia” A voice boomed out. Sophia gasped, then fell to her knees in horror as Navina walked around to the front of her giant throne, on which the tiny Sophia knelt. The demoness was towering above her, radiant and beautiful, her crimson smile the kind a cat wears seeing a cornered mouse. “How do you like my new necklace?” She said, pulling it up for her to see.

Sophia’s gaze dropped, and her jaw followed suit. The necklace was a simple, elegant gold chain, but attached to the end of the chain, stripped down to her skimpy underwear and gagged with a scrap of cloth, was Jamie. Her hands had been shackled to the necklace, and she was almost completely flattened, hanging at the demon’s mercy.

“I think it suits me quite well. I may just wear it forever.” She grinned and lowered it back down again. Jamie screamed into the gag and kicked her flattened feet, but it was the struggling of a bug compared to the goddess that held her. Navina stuck Jamie feet first into her abundant cleavage, then placed a finger on the girl’s head and pushed her down deep, completely out of sight.

“As for your other friend… Let’s just say that I’ve already stomped that problem out. And now, Sophia, it’s time for your end. Underneath MY end!” She laughs evilly and turns around, revealing her ridiculously huge booty, perfectly round and shiny with sweat. Sophia opened her mouth to scream, but fear, or maybe the demon’s magic, had paralysed her completely. The demoness shook her huge butt, then just slammed it down, annihilating the tiny girl beneath it as if she were nothing. Navina sighed, then ground her butt from side to side to get comfortable, settling in for a long sit.

“Welcome to my world, girls, enjoy the stay.” She said with a laugh, thunder rolling on the horizon.

Outside of Navina’s world, in the darkest corner of the library, Navina’s book flicked to an empty page, and a drawing started to appear. The drawing was of the giant demoness seated on her throne, a huge grin on her face. She was currently mashing her breasts together with her hands, and had her feet resting on a small stone, a figure of a girl smeared across the bottom of it. Finally, if the reader had a magnifying glass and a morbid curiosity, they may just make out a tiny hand sticking out from under the demoness’s obscenely large ass, the last reminder of the girl who was now trapped under there…




Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Don't really have one...
Favourite style of art: Squash or flatten!!!
Operating System: Vista : (
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Either Tom or Jerry
I made a thing for class. It's very rough, has no sound, and there's a hundred things I want to improve in it, but overall I am incredibly happy with it, and extremely proud of myself.

  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Rastafarian Targaryen
  • Reading: Blood of Elves
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: Witcher 3
  • Eating: Oranges
  • Drinking: Water

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